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Woman travels to India seeking treatment for depression, gets raped, and beheaded

A 33-year-old Latvian who had traveled to India was drugged, raped, and then beheaded.
Skromane traveled to India all the way from Ireland, seeking treatment for chronic depression. It was here that she was drugged, raped and beheaded, before her body was found hanging in a forest.

She was hoping to be treated at one of the ayurvedic centres the area is famous for, according to NDTV.

But she went missing a few weeks after arriving in the country after leaving the centre to visit a beach.

Liga Skromane 33, travels to India seeking treatment for depression, left drugged, raped and beheaded

On the day of her funeral, the police disclosed the findings of their investigation, stating that she was lured by two men who drugged her, sexually assaulted and then killed her.

Two suspects are in custody

They are drug peddlers and one is a repeat offender with a history of sexually abusing men and women in the area where Ms Skromane’s body was found, sources told NDTV.

Her body was found hanging upside down in a forest

‘The victim was lured into this area, given drugs and sexually assaulted. She was murdered when she resisted,’ officer Manoj Abraham told NDTV.

It comes as two teenagers were gang raped in separate incidents in India in the past four days.

The cases highlight a rape epidemic that shows no sign of abating despite tougher penalties introduced last month. Police said they had not made any arrests in either case.

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