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Umm Sarhij, a landmark of the desert in the Tabuk region

A Landmark Of The Desert

Rock formation in Umm Sarhij, west of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, stands out as a landmark of the desert It is about 30 meters tall/ 98.425 Foot. Riyadh: In the Hasma desert in the Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia, there are rocky scenes that give its visitors a feeling of antiquity and tranquility at the same time, which has a long history dating back to 500 million years, the Saudi Press Agency ( SPA) reported.

It is more like an open museum of mountains and sand rocks formed by erosion factors over the centuries.

Among these unique formations, one of the rock blocks in Umm Sarhej, affiliated to the center of Jeddah, west of Tabuk, stands out as one of the landmarks that inhabit the Hasma desert, and it stands about 30 meters long on a small and slender base resembling a rare gharameel.

Al-Hasma was a station on the ancient trade route to and from the Arabian Peninsula, through which caravans and knights passed through successive civilizations.

Geological expert Professor Abdelaziz bin Laboun attributed these unique rock contents to the erosion factors that affected this area over the years to paint beautiful paintings that are rare in the world.

In a statement to the Saudi Press Agency, he confirmed that these formations consist of sandy rocks, some of which are mud green because they contain underground water reservoirs. He said that the age of these rock formations dates back from 542 million years to 488 million years.

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