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Teen saving 2-year-old girl who fell from window

Dramatic video captures teen saving 2-year-old girl who fell from window

Surveillance cameras caught the moment a teenager saved a 2-year-old Syrian child falling from a two-story window in Turkey last week. The 17-year-old saw a toddler about to drop from the edge of her two-story apartment when he stepped in to save her.

Algerian immigrant Feuzi Zabaat noticed Doha Muhammed was about to fall from her home in Istanbul, Reuters news agency reported. Zabbatt, who works on the same street where Muhammed lives, rushed to position himself underneath to grab her.

In a matter of seconds, Zabbat is shown extending his arms and catching the girl before she hit the ground. Muhammed suffered no injuries thanks to Zabaat’s quick-thinking.

“I was just walking in the road when I saw the little girl at the window,” he told the AFP. “She fell, and thanks to God, I caught her before she hit the ground.”

The toddler approached the open window while her mother was cooking in the kitchen, according to local media. Muhammed’s family hailed Zabaat as a hero and rewarded him with the equivalent of 35 U.S. dollars.

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