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Overzealous Norwegian Police Won’t Stop For No One And Nothing During Chase

We’ve seen some pretty crazy police chases over the years, but few compare to this one from Norway.

According to Dagbladet, the chase was sparked by two robbers who forced their way into a jewelry store and then ushered six people into a backroom at gunpoint. The robbers then broke into numerous display cases and loaded up a bag with expensive watches and jewelry.

Police were quickly notified, but the robbers left the store within a matter of minutes. However, they were quickly spotted by officers as they were riding a moped on hiking trails in Kuba park.

This is where the action begins as you can see the patrol car from the dashboard footage enter the park and drive on walking paths. The robbers refused to stop and so did police.

This resulted in a scary situation as the patrol car continued chasing the robbers and came within, what appears to be, inches of innocent civilians. Despite the danger to the public, the chase continued and things get even more intense.

In an effort to lose police, the robbers took a pedestrian bridge and narrowly avoided hitting a person pushing a stroller. This didn’t stop the officers as they decide to drive onto the bridge and continue the chase, even after having a yet another close call with civilians.

The chase ends shortly thereafter as the robbers took a dirt path and this give the officers an opportunity to hit them and bring things to a halt.

While the robbery apparently took place last year, the trial kicked off on Monday and the video was apparently released as part of the case. Both robbers have reportedly confessed to the crime and are said to be facing a number of other charges.

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