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Korean Artist Defying Gravity

Many artists train their hands to remain steady while they paint, sculpt and perform, but Korean artist Rocky Byun takes this concept to a whole new level. His party trick is finding the “balance point” in random objects like rocks, furniture, bicycles — and even humans — until they are able to free-stand.

It might sound a bit weird at first, but peep the video above and it’ll start to make sense. Rocky, known as a “balance artist,” is based out of Tancheon in South Korea, where he creates sculptures that seem to defy the laws of gravity.

It’s not just a fluke that he can balance a motorcycle atop small stones. Rocky’s knowledge of physics helps him to do the seemingly impossible — making everyday objects float on air.

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Social Media Career

Balancing artist Rocky Byun has filled his YouTube channel with patience and practice. In his videos, he balances rocks, chunks of ice, bicycles, sticks and other objects, but perhaps his signature medium is the glass bottle. See him stack and balance four glass bottles, one with liquid in it, in the video above. Next to him, six bottles stand already stacked. In the video below, he stacks another four bottles on a pedestal:

And in this video, he notes the rough bottom of what appears to be his favorite bottle to work with. That roughness provides some friction that can stop sliding within the balancing act.

Another key to his work is finding the center of gravity—”the point through which the force of gravity acts on an object or system”—for the objects through observation and feeling as he makes micro-adjustments to their positions. Of course, Byun doesn’t always achieve a steady set up:

More recently, he’s leveled up the challenge by balancing objects within unevenly-hung, wiggling, giggling, chiming and candle-lit wooden frames.

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