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Jet Powered Blower: When a Regular Air Blower is Just Not Enough

Jet Powered Blower

Air blowers are useful tools, especially when you need to gather old tree leaves quickly, or to make different things dry faster. But regular petrol-fueled or electrical blowers may not be enough for some of us out there. When you need more power, why not put a jet engine inside?

Jet engines produce extreme thrust – rapidly rotating turbine generates extreme flows of air which are more than enough to lift airplanes off the ground and to achieve supersonic flight velocities. So in principle, you can use the same airflow to do same things that you do with regular air blowers, just on another scale.

As you will see in the following video, keeping jet blower in your hands without being flown in the air is probably the most complicated and risky task. This custom-made model is controlled using a mini computer, has an auto start function and creates up to 52 pounds of thrust.

Source: terraholdingco

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