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Grandmother in Australia tackles thief who stole her purse

QUEENSLAND, Australia: A grandmother in Australia gave a thief a lesson he won't soon forget.

The heroic grandmother told Sunrise she was out celebrating her birthday when the incident happened and wouldn’t let the alleged thief steal the party.

She added that she ‘didn’t know what she was thinking’ when she acted and was left with cracked ribs, cuts and bruises as a result of the altercation.

Queensland Police later tracked down the 42-year-old suspected thief and charged him.

He will appear in court this week.

Security video shows the suspect, wearing flip-flops, fleeing with the woman’s bag after catching it on a table at a local pub.

She caught up with him, grabbed his shoulder and pinned him to the ground.

She gave him a headache as the two got into a fight in the parking lot before the woman snatched her bag and even pulled on the man’s shirt and a flip-flop.

She manages to keep the bag while the thief breaks out of the bag. She even threw back his flip flops when he ran away. The thief took off in his truck but was later arrested for robbery.

The woman suffered fractured ribs, as well as cuts and bruises.

It wasn’t the best way for her to end her birthday party at the bar.

Source: ABC7

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