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Cop punches woman in throat … after she attempted to bite him

Cop punches woman in throat … after she attempted to bite him

The latest shocking encounter between a police officer and POC has once again gone viral in what continues to be an ongoing issue due to disturbing excessive force.

An upstate New York police officer was officially placed on administrative leave after bodycam footage was released showing him punching a Black woman in the throat during a recent arrest at a local Walmart.

@TMZ_TV reports, officer Rory Spain of the DeWitt Police Department is now on administrative leave following jaw-dropping video footage of him punching a Black woman, Tyreana Edmonds, in the throat and knocking her to the ground while attempting to arrest her at an East Syracuse Walmart on the 4th of July. According to the police report, Spain was one of the police officers who arrived on the scene after responding to a call involving Edmonds and other women involved in a physical altercation.

As seen in the recently released bodycam video, once Spain placed Edmonds in handcuffs, things took a drastic turn for the worse. When Officer Spain was leading Edmonds out of the Walmart and away from the other women involved in the altercation, she seemingly attempted to bite him but was unsuccessful. In response, he balled up his closed fist and punched her with extreme force right in her throat—causing her to fall to the ground as shoppers verbally expressed the shock at what they saw.

Below, when the cop in question showed — who has since been ID’d as Rory Spain — he tried separating the quarreling parties … and ended up restraining the lady he ultimately punched, Tyreana Edmonds, with handcuffs. As he attempted to lead her away, things escalated. WATCH:

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Deserved. Keep fucking around and find out.


Yes, I agree


Excessive force? She got what she deserved, attemping to bite an officer.