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Akku Yadav a rapist killed by 200 women with chili powder

Akku Yadav a rapist killed by 200 women with chili powder

Bharat Kalicharan (1971 or 1972 – 13 August 2004), also known as Akku Yadav, was an Indian gangster, robber, home invader, kidnapper, serial rapist, extortionist, and serial killer. Yadav grew up in the Kasturba Nagar slum, which is outside the Indian central city of Nagpur, Maharashtra. He lived and did business in the slum which housed a number of criminals and two rival gangs.

Yadav’s earliest known crime was a gang rape in 1991. Yadav and his gang committed crimes like rape, murder, home invasion, and extortion in Kasturba Nagar for 13 years until his death. Yadav tried to create a small business empire; he extorted money, harming and threatening those who resisted him. During his life as a criminal, Yadav murdered at least three individuals. He tortured and kidnapped people, invaded homes, and raped over 40 women and girls. He bribed police, giving them money and buying them drinks to convince them to let him continue committing crimes. As a result, the police not only refused to stop Yadav for many years but supported him. Yadav and his associates gang raped women and girls as young as age 10 as a warning to those who resisted him.

After a woman named Usha Narayane resisted Yadav and his gang, a mob burned down his house. Yadav went to the police seeking protection. On 13 August 2004, he was lynched by several hundred women who stabbed and stoned him. He had chili powder thrown in his face, and his penis was hacked off. The women all claimed responsibility for the murder, and although some were arrested, they were eventually acquitted. Although hundreds of women were involved in the lynching, the State CID had a different version of the events. Senior police sources said the lynching was carried out by four men and that the women who had claimed responsibility were protecting them. None of the women agreed with the police version. Police said that both men and women were present when the lynch mob appeared. On the day of the lynching, BBC News initially reported that about 14 women and several children forced their way into the courtroom and stabbed Yadav to death.

Akku Yadav's Death

After the police arrested Yadav for his own protection, a bail hearing was scheduled for him on 13 August 2004 in India’s Nagpur District Court. Word spread through the adjoining neighborhood that he would be released. The police planned to keep him in custody until everyone had calmed down and then release him. The bail hearing was supposed to take place miles away in the center of Nagpur.

Hundreds of women marched from the slums to the courthouse carrying vegetable knives and chili powder, walked into the courtroom and took seats near the front. Yadav walked in and was confident and unrepentant. At about 2:30 to 3:00 PM, when Yadav appeared, he saw a woman he had raped. Yadav mocked her, called her a prostitute and said he would rape her again. The police laughed. The woman started hitting him on the head with her footwear. She told Yadav either she would kill him or he would have to kill her saying, “We can’t both live on this Earth together. It’s you or me.” 

Yadav was then lynched by the mob of 200–400 women who showed up. He was stabbed at least 70 times, and chili powder and stones were thrown in his face. The chili powder was also thrown into the faces of police officers who guarded him. The police officers, overwhelmed and terrified, fled immediately. One of his alleged victims also hacked off his penis. The lynching occurred in Nagpur District Court No. 7 on the marble floor of the courtroom. As he was being lynched, Yadav was horrified and shouted: “Forgive me! I won’t do it again!”. The women passed their knives around and kept stabbing him; each woman agreed to stab Yadav at least once. His blood was on the floors and walls of the courtroom. In 15 minutes, Yadav was dead; he was 32 years old. The mob continued attacking his corpse post-mortem.

The women claimed the murder was unplanned. One woman said: “We didn’t have any formal meetings, but it spread by word of mouth that we had to take united action.” The State CID had a different version of the lynching. According to senior police sources, the lynching was done by four men with sharp weapons, and the women of Kasturba Nagar claimed responsibility for the lynching to protect those men. None of the women agreed with the police version, and police said both men and women were there when the lynch mob appeared. BBC News reported on the lynching on the day it occurred saying: “Initial reports said about 14 women and several children forced their way into the courtroom” and stabbed Akku Yadav to death.

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