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A List Of The Best Exotic Pets

What exotic pets are considered ‘best’ is completely subjective. For the list below we’ve chosen the most popular that are also broadly (but not universally) able to be legally owned as pets. Consult your local and national jurisdictions to confirm before adopting any exotic pet.

Flying squirrels

Very similar to another exotic pet, the sugar glider, flying squirrels are more common and easier to care for. They are adorable and can live in a somewhat contained space like a medium sized cage. They are affectionate as well.

Savannah Cats

The savannah cat is an exotic and rare pet. Savannah cats are a hybrid cat cross breed with a domesticated cat and a serval. They are larger than most standard house cats except the Maine Coon Cat, and are known for their impressive jumping abilities and beautiful leopard like markings

Fennec Fox

Yes! Many places allow you to keep a non-domesticated canine like the fennec fox as a pet. With their famously large ears, small faces, and bushy tails these creatures are some of the cutest exotic animals you can legally own.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons live in Central and Southern Australia. They are omnivores that can live to be 15 years or older. This animal uses the beard of spines under its chin to communicate its moods to other animals. A bearded dragon is cold-blooded, so it needs to live in warm temperatures. This reptile is a popular pet because it’s affectionate and curious. Learn about the most friendly wild animals in the world here.

Red Knee Tarantula

Instead of spinning a web, these spiders dig burrows and spend most of their lives underground. They have a long lifespan compared to other spiders. Males can live up to ten years whereas females can potentially reach 30 years old. They are carnivores eating a diet of crickets, grasshoppers, roaches, lizards, frogs, and sometimes small mice.

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